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Take a 35-hour deep dive into one of the future’s most important technological and scientific fields: The 2023 Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners E-Degree Program.We may be compensated by vendors who appear on this page through methods such as affiliate links or sponsored partnerships. This may influence how and where their products appear on our site, but vendors cannot pay to influence the content of our reviews. For more info, visit our Terms of Use page.

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What was once sci-fi is quickly becoming an ordinary — and vital — part of everyday life. Artificial intelligence has changed the way we do business, make decisions, and even interact with one another. While the average person isn’t expected to be an expert on machine learning or AI by any means, it never hurts to be informed about the technologies shaping the future. And that’s why The 2023 Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners E-Degree Program is so valuable.

This extensive program gives you 35 hours of certification training designed for machine learning novices. The program is taught by Eduonix Learning Solutions, a premier training and skill development organization designed by experts in their fields.

This beginner-friendly e-degree covers some of the most basic tools and technologies of machine learning, like Python, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. You’ll understand the many libraries of Python, learn the basics of Python programming, and understand how this general-purpose language has become foundational for AI and ML. You’ll learn techniques for data collection, processing, and visualization, how to master inferential statistics and hypothesis testing, develop regression analysis and prediction skills, and much more. Throughout the course, you’ll touch on a variety of machine learning algorithms for many applications as you work through real-life projects to predict the housing market, predict stock prices, and more. You might even put yourself on track for a career in machine learning.

By the end of the bundle, you’ll have completed five projects and get a series of quizzes to fortify your learning. When all’s said and done, you’ll earn a certificate of completion to demonstrate your expertise.

Take your skills into 2023 and beyond. For a limited time, you can get The 2023 Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners E-Degree Program at 90% off $300 for just $29.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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