Commanders players went to Ron Rivera because they were ‘a little concerned’ about Eric Bieniemy’s intensity

Ross: Eric Bieniemy is ‘the key’ for Commanders offense

 they are so hungry and so 
 desperate for a franchise guy. 

 The Washington Commanders will look a little different on the field this season. After years of struggling on offense, the team made a big move in the offseason, hiring offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy after he left the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bieniemy helmed one of the best offenses in football over the past five seasons, but continued to get passed over for head coaching jobs. If he succeeds in Washington, Bieniemy will prove he can excel in any environment, which should again make him a popular head coaching candidate.

With so much at stake, Bieniemy has asked a lot from Commanders players during training camp. That drew concern from some players, who went to head coach Ron Rivera because they were “a little concerned” about Bieniemy’s intensity, according to the Washington Post.

Eric Bieniemy is making his presence known at Commanders camp. (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Eric Bieniemy is making his presence known at Commanders camp. (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Rivera told the Post he spoke to those players and urged them to speak directly with Bieniemy. Rivera said those talks have been “enlightening” for those players. He also implied he didn’t have any issues with Bieniemy’s approach.

Bieniemy is vocal and demanding during training camp, something he admitted in June. Bieniemy told the Associated Press he wants players to maximize “every single opportunity.” He added he wants to create excitement during camp so players can feed off that energy.

In that same article, quarterback Sam Howell said Bieniemy has high standards, but added that’s what Commanders players want.

Bieniemy echoed that sentiment Tuesday, saying he’s seen a lot of improvement from the team’s offense. He added that he’s always going to be honest with players and is always happy to talk with players who have issues with the way things are being run.

While Howell appears to be one of the players on board with Bieniemy’s style, others apparently need more time to get used to the change. Bieniemy’s style may differ from what Commanders players are used to, but it’s hard to argue against his track record.

Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill came to Bieniemy’s defense Tuesday, saying his coaching style will make players better.

Hill should know. He starred on those star-studded Chiefs offenses that routinely ranked within the top-8 in scoring.

The Commanders’ offense, meanwhile, hasn’t finished higher than 20th in points scored since 2017. It’s no guarantee Bieniemy’s approach will work, but whatever the Commanders did in recent seasons clearly wasn’t the answer.

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