My Favorite Walmart Bakery Item Is Officially Back—and Only Costs $5

This is the only fall item I will buy before September.


It seems like the Walmart bakery is finally getting the recognition it deserves thanks to a viral video about its French Style Cheesecake Mousse. So, now let me turn you onto the best item at the Walmart bakery—because while most of you have been frequenting Costco’s bakery, I’ve been shopping Walmart’s cakes, cookies, and other desserts for years.

My all-time favorite Walmart bakery item is produced under the store’s Freshness Guaranteed private label and only comes around once a year because it’s a seasonal product—and it’s finally its time to shine. I’m, of course, talking about Walmart’s Pumpkin Cake Roll.


The Pumpkin Cake Roll at Walmart

Typically, I get slightly annoyed when I see fall products rolling out before Labor Day—sorry 7-Eleven, but there’s no need for a pumpkin spice latte in August. Everyone knows that that long weekend in September is basically summer’s last hurrah, so I’d love to have a few more weeks of sunshine and potluck foods before being bombarded with pumpkin spice everything.

That is until I see the Pumpkin Cake Roll at the Walmart bakery—for that, I can change my tune.

Some of you might be thinking, why not just make your own pumpkin roll at home? The answer is I do every year during the holidays, but let’s face it, it’s a tricky recipe and never turns out anywhere near as good as my grandma’s used to, despite the fact that I use her recipe.

So, instead of butchering my grandma’s recipe and wasting time stressing over rolling the cake without any cracks, any time I want a slice of pumpkin roll, I just buy Walmart’s until it comes time to make my one homemade pumpkin roll a year. Though, I could probably pass Walmart’s off as homemade, too, since it’s the closest thing to homemade I’ve ever tasted from a store—and even from some local bakeries.

Walmart’s Pumpkin Cake Roll has everything from the moist pumpkin-spiced cake and cream cheese filling down to the dusting of confectioners’ sugar over the top. And with a price tag of just $5.23, there’s truly so much to love about this bakery offering. My one and only complaint is that I can’t get it all year round.

Though, the good news is a Walmart representative confirmed that the Pumpkin Cake Roll will be available at all stores nationwide starting the week of August 7. Typically, you can find them through the rest of the year, which means months and months of your pumpkin roll fill.

And, if you can remember, throwing one (or a few) of Walmart’s Pumpkin Cake Rolls in the freezer at the end of the season will keep you pretty happy during the non-pumpkin months.

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