Austin artist competes on the new season of CBS’s ‘The Challenge: USA’

Maddie Scott, Austin American-Statesman

Twenty-eight reality TV stars compete in physical and mental challenges on season two of “The Challenge USA.” One man and one woman will walk away with a split of $500,000. Shot in Croatia, season two premieres Aug. 10.

Austin artist, Cassidy Clark, 27, was the runner-up to winning $1 million on “Survivor,” a competitive reality TV show that debuted in 2000 and has produced 43 seasons since.

Now, she’s competing in the new season of CBS’s “The Challenge: USA,” and she’s bringing Austin’s energy with her.

Cassidy Clark, an Austin local, will compete in season two of "The Challenge: USA."
Cassidy Clark, an Austin local, will compete in season two of “The Challenge: USA.”

‘I could never go back to Dallas after discovering Austin’

Clark grew up in Plano, Texas, and has lived in several Texas cities in her lifetime. Her first Austin memory was visiting the bats as a child.

After starting school at Texas State University, she found herself constantly visiting Austin. Clark said she fell in love with the city’s artistic heart, soul, and music.

“I just couldn’t leave after that,” Clark said. “I could never go back to Dallas after discovering Austin.”

Her day-to-day as an Austinite has varied ever since she began appearing on different TV shows, she said. Fashion design is her love and passion and she can usually be found making clothes and working on commissions.

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From ‘Survivor’ to ‘The Challenge: USA’

Clark said she’s always been a huge fan of “Survivor.” Since age 4, she’s watched the show every single year, dreaming of becoming a contestant.

Competing on “The Challenge: USA” hadn’t initially crossed her mind because she never thought she could do it, she said.

“But then, when I played ‘Survivor,’ I [thought], ‘Wow, I have a lot more fight and capability inside of me than I realized,'” she said.

She won three individual challenges on Survivor and was the overall runner-up in Season 43. She’s gained over 20 thousand Instagram followers and a fanbase across the world.

“Survivor” tests competitors’ emotional states by limiting food access and having teams survive in self-made shelters. When Clark competed in “The Challenge: USA,” having food and a bed made a huge difference, she said.

However, the things that are easier on “Survivor” are harder on “The Challenge: USA” and vice versa, she said, and both are equally challenging.

‘Badass strong, powerful women

While on “The Challenge: USA,” Clark said there were moments when she felt like it was a man’s world, but she believes the women on the show lifted each other. The show lets the season’s women shine, she said, and there was a lot of beautiful, female empowerment.

“It was cool to watch a lot of badass strong, powerful women kick ass out there,” Clark said.

Clark said she made strong friendships with the other contestants.

“It’s really interesting how quickly you connect with people in this crazy pressure cooker together, and nobody can understand but each other,” she said.

Clark has developed a network of friendships across the country by staying in touch with cast members. She’s excited to see the show play out and see what everyone said behind each other’s backs, she said with a laugh.

“I feel very lucky in having some great friendships coming out of the show,” she said.

Plans for the premiere

“I want everyone and no one to watch it,” Clark said. “I’m nervous because I have some cool, awesome moments but then there’s also some moments that are maybe a little more messy.”

Clark is headed to Miami to watch the premiere with about 10 other cast members.

After that, she plans to have a couple of her watch parties in Austin, she said. If people are interested, they should follow her on Instagram @cahleesi where she’ll post further information, she said.

Clark said she wants people to know that we all have untapped potential that can help us face fears.

“I would just love for people to see me tap into that potential and know that they have those potentials inside them as well,” she said. “It’s so important to get out of our comfort zone and to be brave and face things.”

Where to watch ‘The Challenge: USA’

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