This Love Island USA bombshell is from Arizona. Will she blow up Casa Amor?

Hot new bombshells have entered the villa. Season 5 of Love Island USA is in full swing and we’ve arrived at Casa Amor, which tests the current contestants’ relationships by introducing new singles to the mix.

During Casa Amor week, the men and women are separated from their current partners. Once the two groups are isolated, new male and female bombshells are added to the dating pool to bring a little spice into the current relationships and test the contestants’ bonds with their significant others.

An Arizona resident arrived at Casa Amor as one of the bombshells. But Johnnie Garcia isn’t the only Arizonan in this season’s cast. Kenzo Nudo and Carmen Kocourek also hail from the Grand Canyon State.

Will the original couples stay together? Or will they find a new love during Casa Amor? Here’s what to know about the Arizonans on “Love Island USA” 2023.

Exclusive:Why are so many Arizonans on reality shows? Casting directors, former contestants explain

Here are all the Arizonans on Love Island USA 2023

Johnnie Garcia: Johnnie entered the villa during the show’s famous Casa Amor week. This 25-year-old Californian now lives in Phoenix and comes from diverse roots — she is Mexican, Filipino, Native American and German. She says she can whistle like a bird and has broken her nose twice.

Johnnie Garcia of Phoenix is a cast member of Love Island USA 2023.

Kenzo Nudo: Kenzo joined the show as a surprise bombshell Islander. He knows three languages — Spanish, Italian and English — and has a passion for sports and nature. The 26-year-old is from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and now resides in Scottsdale.

Carmen Kocourek: This 22-year-old lives in Scottsdale and is obsessed with Legos. She’s also a science fiction lover and has a vast knowledge of Marvel comics issue numbers. Her dad was a racecar driver and the racetrack feels like a second home to her. Stay tuned: Carmen is in danger of being eliminated.

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