Woman goes missing after a car crash, dog finds her two days later in a Michigan cornfield

A woman who went missing after her car crashed into a tree was found alive by a police dog two days later in a cornfield in Michigan, local authorities said.

The 45-year-old woman, whose name wasn’t released, was involved in a crash on a family’s property Sunday in Livingston County’s Deerfield Township, 45 miles northwest of Detroit.

Her car was found but she was not at the vehicle. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement family members last had contact with the woman Aug. 5 and that deputies suspected the crash to have occurred over 24 hours earlier. Indications that the driver was injured were also observed at the scene of the crash. An extensive search was conducted using K-9s, drones and ATVs but the victim was not found.

Woman goes missing after a car crash, dog finds her two days later in a Michigan cornfield

By Tuesday, two days later, the state police got involved and troopers searched for nine hours among mature corn plants.

She was finally discovered by state trooper Jeff Schrieber and his specially trained dog − a German Shepherd − Woodson.

Schrieber told WXYZ-TV that, while searching, his dog pulled hard and led him to the woman, who was nearly a mile from the crash site.

“We knew she didn’t have much longer in order to live,” he told the Associated Press.

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“I was able to get her awake. … One trooper ripped off his shirt to try to get her warm due to her extreme hypothermia,” Schrieber said. WXYZ-TV said that because of the swampy area and rough terrain, the troopers had to carry the victim a couple of hundred yards to a waiting EMS rig.

Woman goes missing after a car crash, dog finds her two days later in a Michigan cornfield

Schrieber also told WXYZ-TV that going through the corn at a high speed with his dog felt “like needles going in your face”.

Police said that the woman had extensive injuries from the crash and was initially in critical condition before being listed as stable.

Investigation into crash underway

Authorities said the woman was the driver and sole occupant of the car at the time of the incident and that she was not wearing her seatbelt. Investigation on the crash is underway and drugs and alcohol are also being investigated as factors.

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