10 Worst Presidents in United States History Ever 7

10 Worst Presidents in United States History Ever 7

Millard Fillmore

10 Worst Presidents in United States History Ever 7

Fillmore fell into the wrong side of the history book due to his poor handling of the divisive issues of slavery that rocked the United state during his tenure. Millard Fillmore was the 13th United state president from 1850 to 1853. His era was denoted by the compromise of 1850, leading to the establishment of legislative measures aimed at addressing the South and the other over the expansion of slavery. The 1850 compromise temporarily yielded some positive development. Still, Millard Fillmore’s support for this compromise came at a grave cost due to some controversial aspects of the compromise that mandated that every escaped slave must be returned to the owners (Fugitive Slave Act). This act further worsens the relationship between the country’s North and South sides, leading to the outbreak of civil war just over a decade later. 

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