Teachers Arrested at Nevada School Board Meeting

Teachers Arrested at Nevada School Board Meeting

In a dramatic turn of events, two teachers were placed under arrest and escorted out of a school board meeting in Clark County, Nevada. This incident unfolded amidst ongoing tense negotiations between the Clark County School District and the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) over a new contract for teachers. Approximately 5,000 teachers had gathered ahead of the board of trustees meeting to voice their demands.

Teachers Arrested at Nevada School Board Meeting

The meeting, scheduled to address these negotiations, was promptly disrupted by a chorus of teachers shouting and chanting for improved compensation, as well as the removal of the superintendent. The Clark County School District Police Department intervened, leading to the handcuffing of two teachers and the removal of another individual from the meeting premises, although without handcuffs.

Evelyn Garcia-Morales, the school board president, attempted to restore order to the proceedings. She expressed frustration at the disruptions caused by CCEA’s actions, stating, “CCEA is interrupting the business of our organization. It is very clear that CCEA has intentions to ensure that we do not conduct this meeting.”

This wasn’t the first instance of such disruptions. A previous board meeting on August 10 had to be recessed due to similar disturbances, with no items on the agenda being addressed.

Teachers Arrested at Nevada School Board Meeting

The negotiations for the contract had commenced in March, and tensions escalated when CCEA launched television advertisements critiquing Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s leadership and calling for his removal.

Marie Niesess, President of CCEA, emphasized the need to support and retain educators through fair compensation, given the critical role they play in providing quality instruction.

A primary demand from CCEA is a substantial increase in teacher salaries. They are seeking a 10% raise in the first year and an 8% raise in the subsequent year, using the increased funding for public education that the Nevada legislature allocated.

Teachers Arrested at Nevada School Board Meeting

The school district, represented by CCSD, countered with a proposal offering an 8.5% raise in the first year and a 2% raise in the following year.

After the arrests took place, a portion of the teachers walked out of the meeting. However, the board meeting continued after the most disruptive attendees were removed.

Teachers Arrested at Nevada School Board Meeting

CCSD issued a statement addressing the situation, underscoring their commitment to fair compensation and business continuity. The district emphasized that negotiations with CCEA must take place at the bargaining table, rather than through disruptions of public meetings.

Teachers Arrested at Nevada School Board Meeting

Despite the disruptions caused by the arrests, the Board of Trustees persevered and completed their business once the disturbances were resolved.

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