“US Doctor Shares Insights on Afterlife After Studying 5,000 Near-Death Experiences”

Introduction: Dr. Jeffrey Long, a US-based radiation oncologist, who claims to have studied 5,000 near-death experiences (NDEs), firmly believes in the existence of an afterlife. His extensive research led him to identify consistent patterns in NDE accounts, challenging conventional medical beliefs.

Dr. Long’s Journey: Dr. Long founded the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation while completing his medical residency. His dedication to studying NDEs led him to write a comprehensive book on the subject. In an essay for Insider, Dr. Long expressed how his medical training had initially left no room for the concept of an afterlife, categorizing individuals as either alive or dead.

Patterns in NDEs: Through his research, Dr. Long observed that NDEs often follow a predictable sequence of events. Approximately 45% of NDE survivors reported having an out-of-body experience. This phenomenon led to a detachment from their physical consciousness.

The Journey Beyond: Following the out-of-body experience, individuals often described being transported to another realm. Many reported passing through a tunnel and encountering a radiant light. They claimed to be greeted by deceased loved ones, including pets, in their prime. Dr. Long emphasized that a prevailing sense of love and tranquility enveloped most NDE experiencers, with many considering this otherworldly realm as their true home.

Witnesses to the Phenomenon: Dr. Long asserted that he had gathered numerous accounts supporting these experiences, adding credibility to his claims. Remarkably, he found no significant differences in NDE reports between adults and young children. Even children under five described NDEs that mirrored those of adults. Despite dedicating years to documenting NDEs, Dr. Long admitted the absence of a scientific explanation for these profound encounters.

Conclusion: Dr. Jeffrey Long’s extensive research into NDEs challenges conventional medical understanding, leading him to firmly believe in the existence of an afterlife. His work highlights the consistent patterns and shared experiences among NDE survivors, emphasizing the need for further exploration and understanding of this mysterious phenomenon.

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