“Living in the World’s Top-Ranked Cities: Insights from Residents”

In a world where the pandemic had caused a temporary dip in the quality of life, many cities are now bouncing back, reaching a 15-year high in overall liveability. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index, which evaluates 173 cities on factors like stability, healthcare, culture & environment, education, and infrastructure, the rise is largely attributed to improvements in healthcare and education in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. However, challenges such as rising costs and civil unrest persist, with cities like Kiev still facing conflict. The lifting of pandemic restrictions worldwide has also revitalized culture and environment scores.

While data can quantify a city’s liveability, residents who experience it day in and day out can provide deeper insights into what makes a place truly special. Here, we hear from residents in some of the top 10 ranked cities about why they’ve chosen to call these places home.

“Living in the World’s Top-Ranked Cities: Insights from Residents”

Vienna retained the top spot this year with perfect scores in stability, healthcare, education and infrastructure (Credit: Sylvain Sonnet/Getty Images)

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, has consistently held the top spot in the liveability index, with perfect scores in stability, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. For residents like Manuela Filippou, manager of a Michelin-star restaurant, Vienna offers a complete life experience. Its rich history, excellent public transportation, affordable childcare, and easy access to cafes, theaters, and wineries within the city create a unique staycation feel.

The city also boasts a vibrant cultural scene, with historical landmarks, museums, theaters, and opera houses. It’s a place where residents can fully immerse themselves in the local culture and history.

“Living in the World’s Top-Ranked Cities: Insights from Residents”

Melbourne was ranked third, with top scores in culture and environment (Credit: Boy_Anupong/Getty Images)

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia, ranked third in the top 10, showcases its highest culture and environment score. Residents like Jane Morrell, a disability advocate, praise Melbourne’s incredible food scene, cultural arts, and vibrant events. The city’s easy navigation, efficient tram system, and proximity to beaches and wine country add to its allure.

For blogger Kimmie Conner, Melbourne’s charm lies in its hidden cultural gems, such as coffee shops down colorful laneways, specialty restaurants, and secret cocktail bars. She appreciates the welcoming nature of Melburnians, making the city feel like home.

Melburnians are just so approachable and friendly. There is nothing and no one that this brilliant city does not cater for

Conner finds people to be more initially welcoming here than in Sydney, while Morrel also cites the positive attitude of residents as a factor that increases liveability. “Melburnians are just so approachable and friendly,” said Morrell. “There is nothing and no one that this brilliant city does not cater for.”

“Living in the World’s Top-Ranked Cities: Insights from Residents”

Residents love Vancouver for its proximity to beaches, mountains and forests

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada, took the fifth spot in the index, excelling in culture and environment scores. Residents like Tony Ho highlight the city’s accessibility to nature, with easy access to forests, the sea, and the sky. Vancouver’s diverse culinary scene reflects its multicultural population, offering a wide range of international cuisines.

Supportive immigration policies make Vancouver attractive to business owners from other countries. Joe Tolzmann, CEO of a mobile platform, praises the city’s supportive business community and inclusive atmosphere. Beyond business, Vancouver’s stunning scenery, including ocean and mountains, provides residents with a constant source of relaxation.

“Living in the World’s Top-Ranked Cities: Insights from Residents”

Locals say that Osaka is more affordable and feels safer than other similar big cities 

Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan, secured the tenth position in the index, boasting perfect scores in stability, healthcare, and education. Affordability sets Osaka apart, with rent prices lower than in many other metropolises. Dining out is a joy for residents like James Hills, who appreciate high-quality meals at budget-friendly prices.

Safety is another significant advantage of living in Osaka. Residents, like Shirley Zhang, feel secure walking alone even late at night, and theft is rarely a concern. The city’s reliable public transportation network allows for convenient exploration of the surrounding areas.

“Living in the World’s Top-Ranked Cities: Insights from Residents”

Auckland was awarded the highest culture and environment score out of the top 10 cities

Auckland, New Zealand

Tied for tenth place with Osaka, Auckland, New Zealand, surged over 25 spots in the index, with a perfect education score and the highest culture and environment score among the top 10 cities. Residents like Megan Lawrence praise Auckland’s proximity to stunning beaches, native bush, and outdoor activities.

World-class events and cultural attractions, such as the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and beautiful harbors, make Auckland an exciting place to live. Additionally, Auckland’s multicultural food scene offers a diverse array of culinary options. But what truly makes Auckland liveable, according to residents, is the friendliness of the people, who are always ready with a smile and a warm hello.

These cities, each unique in its way, offer residents a combination of factors that enhance their quality of life, from culture and environment to affordability and safety. Residents cherish the rich experiences, cultural immersion, and opportunities these cities provide, making them truly special places to call home.

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