“Mukesh Ambani’s Buckinghamshire Luxury Hotel: A Stately Home with Royal Roots”

“Mukesh Ambani’s Buckinghamshire Luxury Hotel: A Stately Home with Royal Roots”

Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Industries, India’s most valuable company with diverse subsidiaries, has ventured into the hospitality sector with grandeur. Known for his affinity for opulent properties, Ambani’s latest acquisition is the prestigious Stoke Park Country Club in Buckinghamshire, England, valued at a staggering Rs 592 crore.

1. Ambani’s Luxury Property Portfolio

Mukesh Ambani’s penchant for luxury properties is well-documented. As part of his foray into the hospitality industry, he recently entered into a partnership with Vikram Oberoi to oversee the management of several of his opulent properties. This strategic move aligns with Ambani’s vision to establish a prominent presence in the hospitality sector.

2. The Buckinghamshire Gem

Notably, Mukesh Ambani is the proud owner of Stoke Park Country Club, England’s first country club. This grand estate was acquired by Ambani in 2021, at a price exceeding Rs 500 crore. Following the partnership with the Oberoi Group, Vikram Oberoi’s company now manages this illustrious property, among others in India and the UK.

3. Stoke Park’s Rich Heritage

Situated on the outskirts of London, Stoke Park Country Club is set amidst 300 acres of breathtaking gardens, parkland, and picturesque lakes. It boasts a legacy of hosting distinguished guests and events throughout its history. Notably, members of the Royal Family have chosen this lavish retreat for their significant celebrations and gatherings.

4. A Royal Residence

One remarkable historical fact that often goes unnoticed is that Queen Elizabeth I once resided in this splendid estate back in 1581. Today, it stands as the property of Indian business magnate Mukesh Ambani, following its acquisition from the prestigious King Brothers—Chester, Hertford, and Witney.

5. Opulence at Stoke Park

Stoke Park Country Club is renowned for its luxurious offerings. The hotel features 49 exquisite bedrooms adorned with stunning decor and marble baths, providing guests with an unparalleled vacation experience.

Moreover, the property boasts a 27-hole championship golf course, award-winning spas, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, 13 tennis courts, and indoor swimming pools. These amenities ensure that visitors can indulge in a variety of leisure and wellness activities during their stay.


Mukesh Ambani’s ownership of Stoke Park Country Club in England, with its regal history and contemporary luxury, exemplifies his commitment to expanding his presence in the world of opulent properties. As one of Europe’s most exclusive hotels, Stoke Park continues to offer a unique and unforgettable experience to its guests, blending heritage with modern extravagance.

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