Woman Instinctively Knew Arrested Man Was Innocent in Daniel Khalife Hunt

Officers handcuffed a man at Banbury station earlier today as they continued to hunt for terror suspect Daniel Khalife

The woman who captured the moment when police mistakenly arrested a man believed to be terror suspect Daniel Khalife has spoken out about her instinctive feeling that the authorities had the wrong person. Daragh Meredith, 21, was a witness to the dramatic events that unfolded at Banbury Station, providing an exclusive account of the incident.

Daragh Meredith, 21, witnessed the incident – and says she instantly knew he was innocent based on his reaction to the arrest
Horatio – as he has named himself on X – says he was later offered a first-class upgrade on his train by way of apology for the mix-up
Daniel Khalife (pictured), a former soldier in the 22 Signal Regiment, was on remand at HMP Wandsworth ahead of his six-week terror trial

Daragh, a recent graduate from Oxford Brookes University, revealed that she had a background in criminology and law, which heightened her interest in the situation. She had been aboard a train headed for Oxford but was delayed at Leamington Spa due to a police incident involving the escaped prisoner, Daniel Khalife.

Khalife, 21, was on remand at HMP Wandsworth (pictured) awaiting trial in relation to terrorism and Official Secrets Act offences
Soldier and terror suspect Daniel Khalife served fellow inmates breakfast and then evaded guards and CCTV while escaping from the prison

As the train approached Banbury Station, Daragh noticed a group of police officers surrounding a man who bore a striking resemblance to Khalife. She was intrigued by his reaction to the arrest, finding it unusual that he appeared rather content and was engaging in banter with the officers despite the gravity of the situation.

The Met Police admitted Khalife’s ‘previous military experience’ may make him harder to catch, as he is likely ‘more aware of efforts to apprehend him

Intriguingly, the innocent man arrested in the mix-up reached out to Daragh on Twitter, mistakenly thinking she was on the opposite platform. Some posts even suggested that they should become a couple, adding a humorous twist to the incident.

Daniel Khalife escaped from HMP Wandsworth on Wednesday by clinging to the underside of a delivery van

The man, who adopted the pseudonym “Horatio” on social media, shared his experience of the incident, including the fact that he was offered a first-class upgrade on his train as an apology for the error. He clarified that he was not the escaped prisoner and that he had proven his identity through a fingerprint scan.

Police in Richmond Park, south-west London on Friday. Searches of the park were carried out overnight as officers continue to look for fugitive Khalife

Meanwhile, another train passenger named Oliver, in his 20s, also observed the man in question while waiting outside Banbury Station. He expressed his initial concerns about the situation but praised the authorities for providing accurate information to passengers.

The food truck Daniel Khalife is believed to have used for his escape from HMP Wandsworth

Despite these events, there have been no confirmed sightings of Daniel Khalife, who remains at large. The Metropolitan Police have issued a nationwide alert and increased security measures, seeking the public’s assistance in locating the fugitive.

Commander Dominic Murphy, leading the investigation, emphasized the need for public cooperation in the search for Khalife. He described the escaped prisoner as a “resourceful individual” with military training, making him particularly challenging to apprehend.

As the search for Daniel Khalife continues, authorities are determined to bring him to justice, and the public’s support is crucial in achieving this goal.

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