“Carrie Johnson Shares Queen’s Thoughtful Note on Anniversary of Her Death”

Introduction: Carrie Johnson, wife of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has unveiled a considerate note left by Queen Elizabeth during her stay at Balmoral. On the first anniversary of the Queen’s passing, Carrie Johnson expressed gratitude for having had the opportunity to meet and converse with her. The note showcased the Queen’s thoughtfulness, as she provided information about her outfit choice for the evening.

Thoughtful: The note the late Queen had left on Carrie Johnson’s bed on her trip to Balmoral

“Carrie Johnson Shares Queen’s Thoughtful Note on Anniversary of Her Death”

The Thoughtful Note: Carrie Johnson shared a photo of the note on her Instagram account, which bore the Balmoral Castle letterhead. The note read, ‘Ma’am, Her Majesty will be wearing an ice blue cocktail dress for dinner this evening.’ This note demonstrated the late Queen’s kind and considerate nature, as she offered this information to prevent any fashion mishaps.

Queen Elizabeth II (left) speaks to then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson (centre) and his wife Carrie (right) as she arrives for the G7 summit at the Eden Project, Cornwall,
Carrie Johnson (pictured), the wife of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth her saying that ‘we were so lucky she was our Queen’

“Carrie Johnson Shares Queen’s Thoughtful Note on Anniversary of Her Death”

Carrie’s Response: In her Instagram caption, Mrs. Johnson expressed her gratitude for the note and her appreciation for having had the chance to meet and converse with Queen Elizabeth. When asked if the note aimed to coordinate outfits to avoid a color clash, Carrie confirmed this was indeed the case. She also mentioned that she had the note framed on an ‘ice blue’ mount.

Carrie Johnson (right; with Boris Johnson, centre) and the Queen, left also revealed she has had the note from the late monarch framed
Charles kisses the hand of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, after she presented him with a Royal Horticultural Society Victoria Medal of Honour in May 2009
The King will spend today and tonight at Balmoral Castle (pictured) where his mother died a year ago

Boris Johnson’s Perspective: Boris Johnson, in a recent Daily Mail column, shared their experience of finding the ‘helpful’ note on their first evening at Balmoral. He humorously mentioned that Carrie hadn’t packed an ice-blue cocktail dress, but the note proved useful nonetheless.

King Charles’ Tributes: The first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s passing prompted heartfelt tributes, notably from King Charles. In a break from tradition, King Charles publicly acknowledged the nation’s grief and pride in his mother’s dedicated life of service. He expressed gratitude for the support he and his wife have received during their service to the public.

Tributes from Others: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also paid tribute, highlighting Queen Elizabeth’s exceptional service to the UK and the Commonwealth. He cherished his memories of meeting the late Queen and praised her wisdom, warmth, grace, and wit.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer emphasized the unique bond Queen Elizabeth had with the people, built on the understanding that service unites sovereign and subject.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who led the Queen’s funeral proceedings, remembered Queen Elizabeth’s legacy of obedience to God, duty, and love for her people.

Conclusion: On the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, heartfelt tributes flowed in from various quarters, underscoring the enduring impact of her life and reign. Carrie Johnson’s shared note offered a touching glimpse into the late Queen’s considerate nature, demonstrating the special bond she had with those she met.

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