“Emmanuel Macron Faces Stadium Boos as He Opens Rugby World Cup”

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in France this year, and the opening festivities were nothing short of spectacular. However, French President Emmanuel Macron faced an unexpected reception as he took center stage.

The event began with the appearance of French actor Jean Dujardin, who walked onto the field wearing a white T-shirt, accompanied by a host of performers. Acrobats and a giant scrum added to the spectacle, and even a colossal inflatable Eiffel Tower graced the center of the field.

The audience initially responded with applause and cheers for the impressive performance. However, the mood swiftly shifted when Emmanuel Macron made his entrance.

As President Macron approached the podium at the Stade de France, the stadium erupted into a chorus of boos. The outpouring of jeers reflected the French president’s unpopularity due to his pension plan, which led to widespread protests earlier this year. Macron had raised the retirement age from 62 to 64 years old, sparking significant public discontent.

After delivering his opening speech, Macron stood with crossed arms and later applauded World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont when he concluded his speech.


Following Macron’s exit from the field, fans rallied in support of the French team, chanting “Allez Les Bleus” (Go the Blues) and singing the national anthem “La Marseillaise.”

“Emmanuel Macron Faces Stadium Boos as He Opens Rugby World Cup”

The opening match of the tournament saw France facing off against New Zealand, but even before the game started, the French team found themselves embroiled in controversy. France lock Bastien Chalureau faced allegations of racism after his contentious selection for the Rugby World Cup.

“Emmanuel Macron Faces Stadium Boos as He Opens Rugby World Cup”

Chalureau, a 31-year-old Montpellier player, is appealing a suspended six-month prison sentence for a racially motivated attack in 2020. In a press conference, he vehemently denied being racist and stated that he had acknowledged his mistakes, paid his dues, and rejected all claims of racist remarks.

Emmanuel Macron, addressing head coach Galthie, emphasized the need to prevent the controversy from escalating further.

Chalureau, at times emotional during the press conference, revealed that France’s coaching staff and management were fully aware of the incident, which had led to his departure from former club Toulouse. He expressed his commitment to uniting people from all communities through rugby, highlighting the sport’s ability to bring diverse groups together.

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