Tearful Antony Defends Himself Against Assault Allegations in Emotional Interview

Tearful Antony claims he has been ‘massacred’ by assault allegations (msn.com)

Ingrid Lana spoke to Brazilian television to make allegations against Antony

Tearful Antony Defends Himself Against Assault Allegations in Emotional Interview

In a recent emotional interview in Brazil, Manchester United winger Antony addressed the assault allegations made against him, vowing to clear his name and expressing his anguish at the attempts to tarnish his reputation.

Police are currently investigating allegations from Gabriela Cavallin, a former girlfriend, who claims she was subjected to a series of attacks by Antony between June of the previous year and May of this year. Additionally, two other women, Ingrid Lana and Rayssa de Freitas, have also come forward with claims of violence by the 23-year-old United player.

Tearful Antony Defends Himself Against Assault Allegations in Emotional Interview

In his interview on the Brazilian TV show Fofocalizando, Antony, appearing close to tears, made several key points:

  1. Evidence to Prove Innocence: Antony asserted that he possesses evidence that would unequivocally establish his innocence.
  2. Refutation of Specific Allegations: He vehemently denied allegations that he headbutted and punched Gabriela Cavallin at a Manchester hotel and attacked her while she was pregnant. Antony firmly stated that he had never physically harmed a woman.
  3. Commitment to His Career: Antony expressed that he had not considered the possibility of being dropped by Manchester United and remains focused on his career. He affirmed his belief that the truth would ultimately come to light.
  4. Hurt Over National Team Omission: Antony revealed that he was deeply hurt by being excluded from Brazil’s squad following the allegations, emphasizing that he is certain of his innocence.
  5. Denouncement of Violence Against Women: He unequivocally denounced violence against women.

Regarding his relationship with Gabriela Cavallin, Antony acknowledged that it had been somewhat turbulent and suggested that jealousy was a factor on both sides.

Antony firmly stated, “I am 100 per cent sure that I have never touched a woman. And I will come with the proof. People will see the truth. I have never attacked and I never will attack.”

When asked about concerns regarding his contract with Manchester United, Antony stated that he is not worried about it being terminated, as he believes the truth will prevail and that the club is actively involved in the investigation.

While Manchester United has acknowledged the allegations seriously, they have not suspended Antony, who was dropped from Brazil’s squad for World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia and Peru.

Antony refuted specific claims made by Gabriela Cavallin, including the allegation of a headbutt and punch in a Manchester hotel room and other incidents involving glass and a breast implant. He maintained that he never engaged in physical violence against her.

The interview comes in the wake of Ingrid Lana, another woman, preparing to share her allegations about Antony on the Brazilian TV show Domingo Espetacular, scheduled to air soon. The situation remains under investigation as Antony continues to assert his innocence.

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