School Stabbing Rampage: Masked Member of Putin’s Youth Army Injures Four

Masked member of Putin’s youth army goes on stabbing rampage at school with four injured (

A shocking incident unfolded at a school today as a masked member of Vladimir Putin’s youth army went on a stabbing rampage, injuring four people, according to reports.

The alleged attacker, a 15-year-old boy named Grigory Belyaev, is said to have wounded three school staff members and a relative of a student. Belyaev claimed that he had seen Ukrainians and Poles and was filled with fear before launching the attack at the school he attends. He concealed his identity behind a mask resembling Anonymous or Guy Fawkes and used his grandmother’s kitchen knife in the assault, as reported by law enforcement.

The suspect was apprehended by parents outside the school in Krasny Desant village, Rostov region. Regional Governor Vasily Golubev disclosed, “The attacker has been stopped by witnesses. He turned out to be a 9th-form student.” Disturbingly, images revealed him as a member of Yunarmia, or the Young Army, a group likened to the Hitler Youth, which has faced allegations of militarizing young people in Russia.

School Stabbing Rampage: Masked Member of Putin’s Youth Army Injures Four

During the attack, school security guard Larisa Shakhovaya and English teacher Yulia Naumenko sustained hand injuries while attempting to subdue the suspect. Additionally, the grandfather of a student was wounded and subsequently hospitalized. The suspect informed law enforcement that his primary target was his social studies teacher, who had given him “poor grades.”

This incident comes in the wake of a concerning trend highlighted by Russia’s senior criminal investigator, Alexander Bastrykin, who expressed alarm over a “general rise in crime,” especially involving teenagers and children. Bastrykin noted, “We see a trend when serious and particularly grave offenses are being committed by children.”

Meanwhile, in international news, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is heading to Russia for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, likely focusing on Russia’s desire to replenish ammunition reserves depleted by its war in Ukraine. This meeting marks Kim’s first with a foreign leader since North Korea closed its borders in January 2020, following their initial encounter in April 2019.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to Pyongyang in July reportedly included a request for North Korea to supply more ammunition to Russia, as per US officials. Shoigu also mentioned that Moscow and Pyongyang were considering joint military exercises for the first time. While the extent of military cooperation between Kim and Putin remains uncertain, any indication of improved relations raises concerns among rivals like the U.S. and South Korea. Russia aims to quash a Ukrainian counteroffensive and prolong the war, while North Korea has escalated missile tests to protest U.S. efforts to strengthen military alliances with South Korea and Japan.

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