TikToker’s Bill Drama: £192 Owed After Offering to Cover Dinner

She’s waiting to be paid back

Money matters can often lead to heated discussions, especially when it comes to sharing the bill at dinner. Do you split it equally, pay only for what you ordered, or assume someone else is picking up the tab when they put their card down? The age-old debate on bill-paying etiquette has resurfaced thanks to TikToker Bria Jones, who took to the platform to share her bill-related frustration.

Bria found herself in a predicament after a dinner with friends when she offered to pay the bill with her credit card to avoid the hassle of splitting it. Six weeks later, she’s still waiting for an acquaintance to reimburse her £192 for their share of the meal.

Bria explained on TikTok: “This girl owes me $240 (£192). I don’t even really know her. I’m usually the friend that doesn’t mind putting their card down when we go out to eat. My friends pay me back. We do the Venmo thing, it’s no biggie, plus I like to get the credit card points.”

Bria’s predicament began when she had dinner with friends, including a friend of a friend whom she didn’t know well. She offered to cover the bill, assuming that everyone would transfer their respective shares. However, the friend of a friend has yet to pay her, leading Bria to wonder if she had been scammed.

She messaged the acquaintance on Instagram multiple times, but received no response. Bria even received a text response claiming that the money would be transferred that evening, but three weeks later, no payment had been made.

Bria has waited six weeks and has still not been transferred the $240 (picture: tiktok.com/@heybriajones)

Bria expressed her frustration, stating, “You don’t go to dinner and rack up $240 on your bill and then just not pay someone back for it. Are you stupid or are you dumb? If you don’t have the money for something, then don’t rack up the bill.”

The video garnered nearly one million views, with most commenters siding with Bria, asserting that she was entitled to the money. Some even suggested pursuing small claims court to recover the debt.

However, not everyone agreed with Bria’s stance. Some felt that the friend who invited the acquaintance should be responsible for chasing the money, while others believed that Bria should have been more patient. Bria clarified that her offer to cover the bill was made to simplify payment for the waiter or waitress, not to treat everyone.

Handling bill-related matters can be a delicate issue. Psychologist Ali Ross suggests that being upfront about how expenses will be handled before ordering can help avoid conflicts. Clearly communicating the payment arrangement in advance can ease tensions and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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