Pay problem

Pay problem

Kevin Kreider, who starred on “Bling Empire” for three seasons, claimed he earned so little on the show that he’s struggling financially and relying on friends for support. “UPS workers were paid more than I was, and they have benefits. That’s how little we got paid,” he told Kevin’s claims come on heels of fellow Netflix reality star Nick Thompson revealing he’s nearly homeless. “I heard how much a friend of mine was making for a pilot and he wasn’t even the main lead, yet he made more than I did in a whole season of ‘Bling Empire.’ I worked my a** off for ‘Bling.’ I mean, I was literally filming almost every day,” Kevin said. “We had to be available for almost a whole year. I dragged my a** to like a three, six-hour interviews. So, when you put the hours together, I worked probably lower than minimum wage.”

The Netflix star has been landing some deals, but he’s having to hustle for them. “I can’t buy a home in Los Angeles, I still have to rent. I don’t even have a car because I chose to live in a nicer apartment. It was either downgrade and rent a studio and have a car or have a nicer one-bedroom and not have a car,” he said. “I still have friends picking me up driving me in places, you know, like, it’s not all that great.”

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