Mrs. Brown’s Boys Returns Amid Mixed Viewer Reactions and Familiar Complaints

After a 10-year hiatus, the return of Mrs. Brown’s Boys to BBC One has ignited a mix of emotions among viewers, with some taking to Twitter to voice their recurring complaints.

The beloved BBC comedy made its official comeback with four fresh episodes, marking the first full series since 2013, as only Christmas specials have graced screens in recent years. The premiere episode depicted Agnes Brown (played by Brenda O’Carroll) grappling with household chaos and sleeplessness.

However, within minutes of the show’s return, some fans expressed their intent to “switch off,” citing issues with lighting and camera angles as their primary grievances.

While some viewers labeled the show as “painful” and admitted to being “bored,” others were more forthright in their criticism. Twitter user @neil_gjohnson offered an apologetic tone, stating, “Just watched 5 minutes of #mrsbrownsboys I’d like to apologize to everyone I know for this lapse in common sense, and to my TV, I’m so sorry. Won’t happen again.”

@BuryLass144 shared their disappointment, saying, “I give it a go every new series hoping for an improvement, sadly it’s going to be switched OFF!! It’s awful, what happened ?? #MrsBrownsBoys.”

@BeachTimeClaire reflected on the show’s return with skepticism, declaring, “Ten minutes into the new series of #MrsBrownsBoys and I’m already wondering why I’m watching it!!! Somethings you have to accept are dead and can’t be resuscitated! Mrs. Brown’s Boys is one of them!”

Mrs. Brown’s Boys Returns Amid Mixed Viewer Reactions and Familiar Complaints

Criticism also extended to the show’s technical aspects, with @OliReading quipping, “#MrsBrownsBoys ironic transmitting such a grainy picture in HD,” and @mm15007 observing, “Feels like 2003 based on the picture on the TV #mrsbrownsboys.” @RossG_kiernan chimed in, asking, “What is with the camera/lighting #mrsbrownsboys.”

Despite the divided opinions, some viewers expressed joy at the show’s return, with @RossG_kiernan noting, “Great to have #mrsbrownsboys back after the ten-year wait.”

In anticipation of the show’s comeback, Brendan, the creator, said, “This mini-series was actually planned for 2021. Having been thwarted twice, firstly by Covid-19 and then by a post-Covid shortage of studios, it’s fantastic to, at last, have the chance to make it happen. Fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your hats!”

Josh Cole, Head of Comedy at BBC Studios, and Steven Canny, Executive Producer, echoed the sentiment, stating, “There’s no one quite like Mrs. Brown. An absolute force of outrageous wit and slapstick that has audiences hooked and belly-laughing. It’s great to be back.”

Mrs. Brown’s Boys is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer, ensuring fans can form their own opinions about its return.

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