Welsh Pub Blocks Car Park with Traffic Cones to Address School Run Parking Issues

The Trynewydd Inn is using traffic cones to keep parents out

In an effort to regain control of its car park, a Welsh pub has resorted to using traffic cones to prevent parents from monopolizing the space during school pick-up times. The Trynewydd Inn, located in Barry, has faced ongoing challenges with parents picking up their children from a nearby school, causing a shortage of parking spaces for pub patrons. Louis Hunt, the current manager of the Tynewydd Inn, has been grappling with this issue since assuming his role in April. Previous managers also encountered the same problem but struggled to find a resolution.

The pub took a bold step by implementing a cone blockade starting on Monday, effectively deterring 21 cars and redirecting them to alternative parking options. By September 6, only one car attempted to park at the pub, indicating that the message may be starting to resonate. Louis Hunt hopes that this proactive approach will encourage people to park elsewhere, thereby alleviating the need for makeshift car park attendant duties.

Louis expressed concerns that the pub’s business was suffering due to non-customers occupying the car park, stating, “We are losing trade. Potential customers go elsewhere if they see that the car park is full, and workmen visiting the pub, who finish around 3 o’clock, have nowhere to park. Additionally, when we have events, we require the parking spaces for our guests.”

Welsh Pub Blocks Car Park with Traffic Cones to Address School Run Parking Issues

In response to a complaint from a family who couldn’t visit due to the overcrowded car park, Louis decided to block off the car park every afternoon. Workers now monitor the cones, allowing only genuine customers to park. The pub’s social media post emphasized the need to prioritize its core customers, stating, “Unfortunately, due to the parents who can’t listen… we as a community pub have decided this is the only way forward to keep our customers happy and to ensure they can access our car park for its intended purpose, not as a stopping point for parents who can’t be bothered to look elsewhere.”

The post clarified that the car park is available for parents to use in the mornings since the pub doesn’t open until noon. However, it urges parents to find alternative parking spaces after 3 pm when the pub begins trading. The post also provided contact information for parents with concerns, apologizing for any inconvenience caused.

Welsh Pub Blocks Car Park with Traffic Cones to Address School Run Parking Issues

Due to financial constraints that prevent the installation of gates or cameras, the pub is currently borrowing cones from St. Helen’s school, which Louis praised for their assistance. Some parents had been leaving their cars in the car park for up to 45 minutes each afternoon, leaving the pub with no choice but to block off access from 2:45 pm.

The Tynewydd Inn has received an outpouring of support from local residents and parents. The pub’s car park is now considered safer for both adults and children who visit the establishment. Louis expressed delight in the positive feedback, stating, “The customers are happier, the workmen are happier, and the vast majority of parents support us.”

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