Americans’ Hilarious Reviews After Trying British Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips, a beloved British staple, has always been a source of curiosity for some Americans who are eager to share their opinions after experiencing this classic dish for the first time. Here are some amusing reviews left by our American friends, offering both positive and negative takes on fish and chips.

Fish & Chips

While fish and chips are readily available across the UK, certain Americans remain intrigued by this national delicacy. Their reviews provide a unique perspective on this iconic dish.

Americans’ Hilarious Reviews After Trying British Fish and Chips

One of the seaside towns renowned for its fish and chips is Whitby in Yorkshire. Papa’s Fish and Chips, a family-run establishment, has received over 1,000 reviews on TripAdvisor and ranks among the top 50 restaurants in the town.

Fish & Chips

Irene McCleese commented, “As Americans, it’s hard to know which fish and chips place is actually special in a country with so many options.” Eventually, she deemed Papa’s Fish and Chips “awesome.”

Another American visitor to the same restaurant expressed their desire to sample local food and found it “excellent.” However, not all American experiences with fish and chips have been positive.

During visits to Poppies Fish and Chip shop in London’s Spitalfields Market, some Americans were taken aback by the taste of the dish. One TripAdvisor user, Basiluzzo, advised others to “give this place a pass” and criticized the soggy and bland fish as well as the fries (chips) as “unacceptable.”

Similarly, a visitor to The Mayfair Chippy in London, Mimi C, was “not impressed” and described the dish as too dry and hard. She expressed a preference for American-style fries—thin and crispy—and wanted her chips to be slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Fish and chips aren’t the only items causing controversy among American diners. Jim A visited the Golden Chippy in London and tried mushy peas for the first time. He initially expressed his dislike for “nasty British mushy peas” but was delighted when presented with an “entire bottle” of tartar sauce to accompany his fish and chips, ultimately finding the meal “remarkable.”

These humorous reviews from Americans trying British fish and chips for the first time provide entertaining insights into their experiences with this classic UK dish.

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