Princess Andre’s Toast with Shot Glass: Misunderstanding Cleared Up

Recently, Princess Andre, the 16-year-old daughter of Katie Price, made headlines when she was photographed toasting with a shot glass. Concerns arose regarding whether she was consuming alcohol, given her age. However, it has now been clarified that Princess was not drinking alcohol during the toast.

Princess Andre’s Toast with Shot Glass: Misunderstanding Cleared Up

Katie Price, the former glamour model, enjoyed a night out at a restaurant with her daughter and her on/off partner, Carl Woods. Instagram photos from the evening showed the family raising shot glasses containing pink liquid for a cheerful toast.

Under UK law, it is illegal to sell alcohol or buy it for anyone under 18, and individuals under 18 cannot drink alcohol in licensed premises such as pubs or restaurants. However, 16 and 17-year-olds can consume beer, wine, or cider with a meal if accompanied by an adult.

A source has refuted reports that Princess was consuming alcohol, explaining that the toast was a set-up. According to The Mirror, the insider stated, “Princess wasn’t drinking alcohol. She asked for Fanta and Coke to be on her table; this was just a cheers set-up.”

Princess Andre’s Toast with Shot Glass: Misunderstanding Cleared Up

Previously, another source had expressed concerns about how Princess’s father, Peter Andre, would react to the photo. They suggested that even if it wasn’t alcohol, it might not be the best image for a 16-year-old, especially one in the public eye.

Peter Andre, a doting dad, has established three strict rules for his daughter as she ventures into the world of dating. He mentioned in an interview that there would be no sleepovers at his house, and if there were, they would be downstairs, with open doors, and during daylight hours. Pete emphasized that his rules were straightforward and non-negotiable in his house.

Peter Andre, who is also a father to Amelia and Theo with wife Emily, is protective of his children and ensures that his house rules are clear and consistent.

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