Couple Seeks Refund After Unpleasant Flight Experience Next to “Snorting, Farting” Dog

Couple Seeks Refund After Unpleasant Flight Experience Next to "Snorting, Farting" Dog
Couple Seeks Refund After Unpleasant Flight Experience Next to “Snorting, Farting” Dog

Gill and Warren Press are demanding a refund following a disappointing flight experience in which they were seated next to a disruptive emotional support dog. The couple embarked on their journey from Europe to New Zealand, starting with a 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore aboard Singapore Airlines.

Upon settling into their premium economy seats, the Wellington couple quickly noticed that their fellow passenger had brought along an emotional support dog that was making audible noises. Mrs. Press recalled hearing “heavy snorting” and initially mistook it for her husband’s phone. However, they soon realized it was the dog’s breathing causing the noise.

Mrs. Press expressed her displeasure, saying, “I’m not having this sitting next to us the whole trip.” She approached a flight attendant to inquire about a seat change but was informed that the only available seats were at the rear of the economy class.

Despite the disruptive situation, the couple remained in their seats. However, their discomfort escalated when the dog allegedly started emitting foul odors, including flatulence, and encroached on Mr. Press’s legroom.

Mrs. Press recounted the experience, stating that the dog had to be moved further into the row, resulting in its head being under her husband’s feet. This arrangement led to the dog’s saliva touching Mr. Press’s leg.

She raised the issue with a flight attendant once more, and they were eventually offered seats at the front of the economy class, which had been vacated by cabin crew. These seats were offered as a solution, but Mrs. Press stated that a week later, they had not received any communication from the airline regarding the incident.

Mrs. Press subsequently sent a complaint via email, and three weeks later, the airline offered a travel voucher of NZ$200 (£95) per passenger. However, Mrs. Press found this resolution unacceptable, arguing that they did not receive the experience they had paid for.

A spokesperson for Singapore Airlines responded to the incident, expressing their apologies for the lapse in notification regarding the assistance dog. They pledged to work with airport teams to prevent such issues in the future. The spokesperson also indicated that, when possible, they would assist passengers seated next to an assistance dog in finding alternative seating within the same cabin.

The airline has been in direct contact with the couple to address their concerns. The Presses continue to press for a full refund, emphasizing their dissatisfaction with the flight experience.

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