Woman’s Near-Death Battle with Toxic Shock Syndrome After Leaving Tampon In for Weeks

A harrowing incident unfolded when a woman unintentionally left a tampon inside her body for an extended period, triggering a near-fatal case of toxic shock syndrome.

Kelsey Foster, a 29-year-old Australian, shared her ordeal with news.com.au, revealing that she had been experiencing pelvic pain, which, at first, she dismissed as a common discomfort. For Kelsey, pelvic pain had become somewhat routine due to her ongoing struggles with gallbladder and liver issues, leading to multiple hospital visits over the past few months. Moreover, she grapples with endometriosis, a condition described by the WHO as the growth of uterine-like tissue outside the uterus, resulting in severe pelvic pain.

However, an unexpected twist revealed the source of her recent cramping: “One day, I went to the bathroom and I felt something ‘plonk’ out of me,” Kelsey said. Assuming it was a usual blood clot, she paid it little heed until she realized it was an old tampon. The discovery left her in disbelief.

Woman’s Near-Death Battle with Toxic Shock Syndrome After Leaving Tampon In for Weeks

Kelsey could not ascertain how long the tampon had remained inside her, but she estimated it to be at least six weeks, aligning with her irregular menstrual cycle. Her frequent hospital visits, lack of sleep, and the stress associated with her medical conditions may have contributed to her oversight.

Remarkably, she preserved the tampon and stored it in a zip-lock bag to present it to her doctors. Following tests, Kelsey received a diagnosis of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

TSS is a rare yet potentially life-threatening condition caused by certain bacterial strains producing toxins that enter the bloodstream and affect organs. According to the Cleveland Clinic, TSS affects 1 in 100,000 people and is more common in cisgender females. The use of tampons can create conditions where bacteria thrive, leading to infections. Tampons should be changed every eight hours to minimize infection risk.

Woman’s Near-Death Battle with Toxic Shock Syndrome After Leaving Tampon In for Weeks

Kelsey’s case underscored the severity of TSS. She noted that her doctors emphasized her fortunate escape from a potentially fatal outcome. The Cleveland Clinic reports that 30% to 70% of TSS cases result in death, often with sudden and swift onset of symptoms within days.

Kelsey shared her story to raise awareness about TSS and combat the stigma surrounding menstrual discussions. She encouraged others to set reminders when using sanitary products as a precaution.

Although Kelsey’s organs showed signs of failure due to TSS, she is on the path to recovery under doctor supervision at home. She emphasized the gravity of TSS, emphasizing that it is a life-threatening condition deserving serious attention.

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