“Golfer Sues Tournament Organizers After Winning Mercedes-Benz with Hole-in-One”

Imagine standing at a par 3 during a charity golf tournament, with a brand-new Mercedes-Benz gleaming in the sunlight. Hit a hole-in-one, and the car is yours. That’s the deal. You take your shot, it’s pure, and it vanishes into the hole. You’ve just won a new car! Or so you thought.

“Golfer Sues Tournament Organizers After Winning Mercedes-Benz with Hole-in-One”

This is the tale of Linda Chen, who experienced this scenario at the Fins on the Fairway charity golf tournament. She aced the Isleworth Golf & Country Club’s 11th hole back in May and was promised a Mercedes-Benz. However, Chen never received the car, and she’s now suing several parties involved in the tournament in an attempt to obtain the vehicle or its advertised value of $90,000.

Chen filed her lawsuit on August 23rd, alleging breach of contract. However, the case isn’t straightforward. The defendants, including the tournament organizers, Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando, and the prize’s insurer, Ace Hole in One, denied her the prize because they claim she didn’t disclose her previous status as a professional golfer. Chen had played professionally between 1994 and 1995 but had been registered as an amateur with the USGA for 15 years. Organizers argue that Chen failed to disclose her past as a professional player, even signing an affidavit stating she wasn’t a former pro, which would have made her ineligible for the prize.

“Golfer Sues Tournament Organizers After Winning Mercedes-Benz with Hole-in-One”

Timothy Galvin, owner of Tournament Golf Event, explained, “If you look at Linda Chen’s LinkedIn page, she makes no mention of her amateur status. She made no mention of it AHEAD of the tournament. There were other professional golfers in the event who informed the tournament of their status.”

“Golfer Sues Tournament Organizers After Winning Mercedes-Benz with Hole-in-One”

Chen claims that Galvin was dismissive when she tried to claim her prize, telling her she was “never” going to get the prize and walking away abruptly.

While the outcome of Chen’s lawsuit will be decided in civil court, if the tournament’s rules indeed specified that former professionals couldn’t enter, she may find herself in a challenging position. Winning a dream hole-in-one has unexpectedly turned into a nightmare.

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